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Productive and compact

TerraBlade’s economical price makes it ideally suited for small to medium companies to take control of their production needs. The complete installation of the machine is quick and simple and the easy of operation gives you the flexibility to produce the part rapidly, accurately and economicaly.

TerraBlade is a compact machine, easy to buy and maintain. Suitable for users who need a cost-effective equipment, butt robust, with high technology and the Messer quality assurance, TerraBlade can operate with up to two tools, one plasma and one oxyfuel or two oxicorte, all with automatic height control.

Key Features:

  • More productivity
  • More reliable
  • More versatile
  • Easier to use
  • Low operating cost
  • German technology with indian price
  • The unique back mounting longitudinal drive system of TerraBlade provides stable movement of the gantry
  • Messer torch height sensing lifters and the patented fixed ignition device developed in Germany have gained a reputation for continual reliability