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Our History

German technology leadership for decades

As a traditional German engineering company, we focus on the development and production of cutting and welding machines for more than 117 years. Our knowledge represents a high degree of investment security to our customers. We rely on our roots as a German, family-owned company and commit to the values of the Messer World.

Adolf Messer starts with the production of acetylene generators and gas lighting in Höchst, near Frankfurt /Main

Development of the first cutting torch with oxygen-acetylene mixture

Launch of the "Original Messer" range of oxy-acetylene products

Development and manufacture of equipment for electric welding, welding electrodes and large cutting machines for shipbuilding. Since 1950 strong geographic expansion to North and Central America and Europe.

Dr. Hans Messer took over the management

Merger of Adolf Messer GmbH with Knapsack Griesheim  AG to Messer Griesheim GmbH,
1/3 of the shares belong to the Messer family, 2/3 of the shares are owned by Hoechst AG

Messer presented the first laser cutting system at the Essen Welding & Cutting Exhibition

Messer delivers world's first CNC cutting machine to the Krupp company in Essen

Sale of European welding machines and electrodes business to the Lincoln Electric

Sale of Messer Cutting & Welding AG - Messer Industrie GmbH (MIG) buys 2/3 of Hoechst AG shares.

Stefan Messer became member of the Board

Sale of Messer Cutting & Welding AG - Messer Industrie GmbH (MIG) acquires 2/3 share of Hoechst AG

Merger of Castolin + Eutectic and Messer Cutting & Welding to MEC Holding GmbH under majority stake of the Carlyle Group

Messer Industrie Holding GmbH acquires MEC group from the Carlyle Group.

Foundation of software company MesserSoft GmbH, specialized on production and business oriented software products and services

The German Messer Cutting & Welding GmbH became Messer Cutting Systems GmbH

New Vision and Mission with World of Excellence