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OmniWin 2013 Classic

For the highest demands in thermal cutting

OmniWin 2013 Classic is the powerful tool for the optimum designing and nesting of thermal cutting parts. Everything functions quickly and intuitively. Ideal for daily use with oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting operations including complex machines with higher throughput in multi torch mode.

You profit from the total potential of your thermal cutting machines and can configure them for the widest variety of processes, materials and applications. Suitable for simple to complex scenarios as Standard/ Enhanced/ Professional Editions.


Today decisive demands on software are made in production planning for thermal cutting environments. It must be capable of designing parts efficiently, compactly nesting them in to optimize use of material as well as generating the NC code with which the cuts can be made quickly and of the highest quality. Diverse strategies are necessary to cut the widest variety of different shapes, materials and thicknesses. Cutting edge developments such as Messer Hole Technology have been created to advance plasma cutting technology to new heights.

THE Brain of your PRODUCTION

In addition, the software must also be the brain of the production, in which the orders are efficiently referenced, plate utilization managed, part designs and nested plates easily found and reused. A central data management with multiple user support is essential for larger workshops. OmniWin 2013 Classic is the tool for demanding tasks in production planning which has proven itself for decades. It is also suitable for highly complex machines in factories of every size where the cutting processes plasma, oxyfuel, laser and waterjet are used.

Key Features:

  • Powerful tool for your part design and the optimum nesting for production of thermally cut parts
  • Display, deletion, drawing and automatic dimensioning of parts and plans – all this works fast and easy
  • Ideal for use with daily oxyfuel, plasma or laser cutting tasks
  • For machines with high throughput working in multi-torch operation
  • Ready to work with every thickness range, every material and every process
  • Shortens your nesting time when nesting large quantities of parts and minimizes waste
  • Profit from the total potential of your cutting machine
  • Configure your system for the widest range of processes, materials and machines
  • Easily learnt nesting program with automatic functions for cutting technology improves material utilization and reduces costs