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MCS World

Strong Women Part I

Bad Soden. Germany. – Today we start with a short series to introduce six of many strong women working for Messer or MEC.

MCS Europe

Fitness in three-four time

Ruše, Slovenia. Messer Slovenija is offering its employees an in-house health promotion programme.

MCS World

Messer purchased industrial gas business of Air Liquide

Hungary. - Messer has purchased the industrial gas business of Air Liquide in Hungary.

MCS Europe

The whole Messer Fleet with one click

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - Our new interactive website with the whole Messer fleet is online. Configure your machine with a few clicks!

MCS World

Top Management Changes at MEC

Bad Soden, Germany. - MEC Group appointed Patrick McGlynn as CFO and Frank Hopfenbach took over the function as CFO for the business unit Castolin Eutectic.

MCS Europe

Cutting-edge agricultural equipment

Driffield, United Kingdom. Agriweld relying on the new MetalMaster 2.0 for cutting sheet metal.

MCS Europe

Totally carefree thanks to hi-tech Cutting Systems and made to measure service

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - On EuroBLECH, we offer a comprehensive product program in both core areas cutting systems and service with the most modern solutions – tailor made to fit customer requirements. Once again digitalisation is the focus.

MCS World

EuroBLECH 2016: Messer creates triple saver

Hannover, Germany. - Industrial gases specialist shows trade fair visitors savings potential for welding processes.

MCS World

Orderliness, cleanliness and hygiene: Messer Safety Day 2016

Bad Soden, Germany. - Industrial gases specialist informed its employees about the dangers of disorder and lack of hygiene at the annual Safety Day.

MCS World

Solidarity against hunger

Vilaseca, Spain. - Employees of Messer Ibérica de Gases have a tradition of demonstrating their solidarity with hungry people.

MCS World

Messer: Europe’s Top Sustainable Family Business

Bad Soden, Germany. - The industrial gases specialist Messer has been awarded as the “Top Sustainable Family Business”.

MCS Europe

After Sales: Quality stays high – Prices sink

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - Messer Cutting Systems has always been committed to quality, customer satisfaction and long term relationships. This means that the commitment does not end when the machine is delivered but also applies for spare parts and consumable – and now even with price advantages.

MCS Europe

Messer Cutting Systems founds company in Turkey

Istanbul, Türkei. - Since October 2015 Messer Cutting Systems has been represented by a subsidiary in Turkey.

MCS India

Team spirit „made in India“

Coimbatore, India. - Messer Cutting Systems India (MCS) organised “IMAC” for the first time.

MCS World

Helping Hands

Bad Soden, Germany. - When medical gases are involved, in future Messer will employ a strong visual image, the symbol of “Helping Hands”.

MCS World

Safety first on the road

Bad Soden, Germany. On three weekends the Bulk Logistics division of Messer Industriegase trained a total of 80 lorry drivers.

MCS World

Excellent: Messer awarded with safety prizes

Berlin, Germany. - Industrial gases specialist Messer received six safety awards for exemplary work safety from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) in Berlin.

MCS World

Training programme successfully concluded

Bad Soden, Germany. - Team I of the MEC Academy met for the last time at the Messer Conference Centre in Bad Soden.

MCS World

Honoured as a thought leader

Munich, Germany. - Stefan Messer was one of the five finalists nominated for the “Lateral Thinker Award” in the category “Thought Leader”.

MCS Europe

Help for homeless families

Budapest, Hungary. - For the second time now, Messer Hungarogáz has collected clothes and other items for a foundation for homeless families.

MCS Europe

Simply exemplary

Zagreb, Croatia. - Messer Croatia Plin received the sustainability award “INDEKS DOP-a”.

MCS Europe

Coping with disabilities

Suresnes, France. - Messer France, in conjunction with the company “Made in TH”, increased its own staff’s awareness of disabilities.

MCS World

Our way: Industrial gases specialist publishes 2015 Annual Report

Bad Soden, Germany. - The Annual Report of Messer is being published.

MCS World

Messer once again increases financial targets

Bad Soden, Germany. - In spite of a furthermore challenging economic environment, the Messer Group managed to increase its global sales by eleven per cent compared to the previous year.

MCS World

“Gases for Life” for a good cause

Barcelona, Spain. - The children who live in the Ronald McDonald House in Barcelona were thrilled by the Gases Workshop with the staff of Messer Ibérica de Gases.

MCS World

Winner of the German Innovation Award

Berlin, Germany. The pilot project AmpaCity for efficient power transmission was honoured with the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment.

MCS World

Four tonnes of soup – world record

Sarajevo, Bosnien-Herzegowina. Bosnian chefs hope to break a Guinness World Record for the biggest chicken stew in the world by cooking up the meal for 14,000 people.


MesserSoft launches next software generation

Dortmund, Germany. - Concerning Industry 4.0, the use of advanced software that optimizes machines and processes, is premise for success in the metalworking industry.

MCS World

German-Vietnamese Business Forum with Messer

Frankfurt, Germany. The President of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang, was given an insight into the successful activities of Messer in Vietnam.

MCS World

MEC Group helps heal the world

Bad Soden, Germany. - The world faces many problems: pollution, congestion and disease are just a few. MEC brings together a team of people and companies who are working hard to secure a brighter future for the next generation.

MCS Asia Pacific

Double celebration

Kunshan, China. Messer Cutting Systems China had two reasons to celebrate.

MCS Europe

Autogenous technology – universal, flexible and always up to date

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - Autogenous technology is one of the key technologies in all segments of industrial and handicraft production and processing.

MCS Europe

Messer Tehnogas is Serbia’s best employer in 2015

Beograd, Serbia. - Messer Tehnogas has been awarded the “Best Employer of 2015” prize at the “Top Serbian Brands Awards” ceremony organised annually by “Best of Serbia”.

MCS World

GaseWiki - The gas encyclopaedia from Messer

Bad Soden, Germany. - The name Messer has been associated with expertise in industrial gases for more than 100 years. This expertise can be found in the new gas encyclopaedia.

MCS World

In remembrance of Ria Messer

Bad Soden, Germany. - Ria Messer, former shareholder of the Messer Group, passed away on the 10th of March 2016 at the age of 89.

MCS Europe

MetalMaster 2.0 with new great features

Gross-Umstadt, Germany. - The new cutting professional MetalMaster 2.0 offers some more features for professional cutting now

MCS Europe

Getting off to a flying start with the right pit crew

Gross-Umstadt/Ober-Roden, Germany. Messer Cutting Systems Europe brought a new flame cutting machine onto the market: the MetalMaster 2.0.

MCS Europe

Heating technology for Russian gas pipeline

Chelyabinsk, Russia.- The Russian company SOT Rosnano began operating a heating system which is being used to construct a gas Pipeline.

MCS World

Platform for professionals

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Plasma cutting experts can now exchange information and ideas online at

MCS World

Encouraging companies to grow together

Bad Soden, Germany. The MEC Academy is the internal global training programme for junior management staff at BIT, Eutectic Castolin and Messer Cutting Systems.

MCS South America

Legend of steel made by Oxicorte

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Evita is now a steel work of art monument on the facade of the old building ministry in Buenos Aires.

MCS Europe

Agriweld enthousiastic about new MetalMaster 2.0

Driffield, UK.- Agricultural machinery manufacturer Agriweld is enthousiastic about its brand new MetalMaster 2.0.!

MCS India

Smart Blade launchend on IMTEX

Bangalore, India. - MCS india launched Smart Blade on IMTEX - International forming technology Exhibition.

MCS Europe

Double-head fibre laser for Oxycentre

Pont-du-Chateau, France. The French company Oxycentre put the world’s first fibre cutting laser system with a double head into operation.

MCS World

Bad Soden Minds

Bad Soden, Germany. - Under the heading “Bad Sodener Köpfe” (Bad Soden Minds), portraits of people who live or work in the town of Bad Soden are displayed.

MCS Europe

Messer Cutting Systems on LinkedIn

Groß-Umstadt, Germany. - Messer Cutting Systems is represented with an own Company Profile on LinkedIn.

MCS World

High-ranking guests

Bad Soden, Germany. During his tour of Europe , Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thien Nanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (umbrella organisation of Vietnamese trade unions), visited Messer Group.