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Interactive Website NEW

See all machines in 3D! Configure your machine with a few mouse clicks! Click on photo to go to

FiberBlade® IV NEW

Highly dynamic, optimised operation cycles and the most compact design – the new fibre laser generation.


LaserMat® II NEW

The new CO2 laser generation for cutting large format steel plates.


MetalMaster 2.0 NEW

The new cutting professional for Plasma and Oxyfuel cuts with more features available now.


The new pipe cutting system PTC500: 3D bevel cutting for weld seam preparations

Skew Rotator ∞

For all bevels on plasma contour cuts

Our current training programme

Learn more about DIN EN 1090 or how you can avoid cutting faults when cutting with oxyfuel or plasma.

Oxyfuel Technology

nozzles, torches and equipment for welding, cutting, brazing and heating


Your one for all