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Less space, but maximum productivity

The EdgeMax sports a rugged unitized steel table/frame, full capture bearing assemblies and a low mass aluminum beam driven by dual brushless AC motors, providing fast acceleration, precise motion and a very stable cutting platform.

Powered by the Messer Global Control S with touch screen interface and the familiar Windows® screen layout, novice operators quickly master the machine. Coupled with Messer’s Virtual Service, real-time direct applications help is available to new operators and programmers providing quick, accurate and complete answers to process and operational questions.

Key Features:

  • Powered by the Messer Global Control S with touch screen interface
  • Uses a rugged unitized steel table/frame
  • Tool Coverage: 6x12, 6x24, 8x12, 8x24, 10x12 and 10x24 (1.8m to 7.3m)
  • Material Thickness Capacity: 26 ga. to 3" (76mm) depending on process used
  • Materials Processed: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum