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MetalMaster Plus Dual Pallet Shuttle Table

Combines the accurate, efficient and proven cutting capabilities of our MetalMaster Plus machine with an effective and safe means of getting the plate to the cutting area. Included is the Slagger® advanced cutting support table with automatic slag / smoke removal and advanced shuttle table design for performance and reliable operation.  



More Efficient

  • Load one plate while another is being cut without causing interruption to cutting
  • Saves time by creating shortest path for material loading; verses walking an overhead crane back and forth along the length of the table is eliminated
  • Plate loading and unloading always takes place at one end of the machine and with a common load height

 Greater Flexibility

  • Plate loading and unloading always takes place at one end of the machine and can be performed from three directions
  • Shuttle table allows the use of a stationary dedicated crane or other workstation cranes for plate loading, saving overhead crane time and allowing it to be used elsewhere
  • Cutting area of machine can be located in an area without overhead crane access, freeing up floor space under the hook, which is an important consideration at some facilities

Enhanced Safety

  • Cutting machines with long tables can expose personnel that remove cut parts near the area where the cutting gantry is operating
  • With the shuttle table, the cutting gantry cannot enter the area where plate loading and unloading operations occur