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SigmaNEST X1

The ultimate in advanced nesting

  • SigmaNEST X1

 SigmaNEST X1 is the most comprehensive tool offering the ultimate in advanced nesting and advanced motion-optimized NC programming to minimize scrap and increase machine productivity. It sets new standards for cost-optimized process technologies, multi-vendor environments plus extensive interfaces for integration with ERP/MRP. For common-line cutting, bridge cutting and chain cutting.

SigmaNEST X1 gives you the ability to track jobs and remnants to help streamline production. SigmaNEST X1 is ideal for all profile cutting machines, including laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, router and combination machines.


SigmaNEST X1 is the high-end solution in the successful product range of MesserSoft and one of the most powerful cutting solutions worldwide. SigmaNEST X1 is powered by SigmaNEST from SigmaTEK. With its ultimate functionalities it saves engineering time through simplified programming and more efficient machine output. You reduce or eliminate scrap dramatically, handle more orders in less time and extend life of your machine consumables.
Your machine throughput is faster, your work flow improves. Beside a better control of inventory you simplify work order tracking from beginning to end. Streamlining of planning with accurate time and cost estimates before cutting makes you become a business partner, your customers like to work with.


You just need one software to program all major profile cutting and punching machines. You gain maximum flexibility in file conversion and importation. Challenging nesting and cutting tasks are done automatically by SigmaNEST X1. For future use you save custom shapes into the standard part library. Nesting provides maximum yield per sheet. Higher levels of continuous cutting with minimal pierces are easy to reach. For maximum consumption of remnants SigmaNEST X1 effectively manages your raw material inventory. Through the SigmaNEST X1 open architecture your systems are completely customizable. Moreover it provides users with the maximum amount of flexibility in post processor configurations.

Key Features:

  • Automatic part pattern recognition
  • Part-in-part nesting
  • Accurate cost and time estimators
  • Adaptive nesting for multi-head machines
  • Drag, drop and bump features
  • Automatic and manual true shape nesting
  • Automatic NC toolpath generation and optimization
  • Extensive, fully customizable standard shapes library
  • Techno, Trueshape and PowerPack Editions

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