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Region Asia/Pacific

Messer Cutting Systems (China) Ltd. is one of the five production sites worldwide. Since 1995 we bring Messer's advanced technology into the Asia-Pacific area and supply high-quality products and services in the field of metal cutting.

  • Employees (2016)
    China 250 (09/2011)
    Total MEC Group 2,798
  • Management
    Leon Liu
  • Location
    528 NAN BANG Road, Kunshan,
    Jiangsu Province, P.R. China, 215300
  • Trade Register
    Register Number 320583400003359
  • ID VAT
  • Founded
  • Level of Production
    Research & Development
    Production and Installation of CNC cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, CNC controls, retrofit and environmental technology
    Training and Application Center
    Safety monitoring devices

Our plant at Jiangsu Kunshan occident industrial park, occupies a land area of 27000 square metres. It is the platform supporting continuously growing of the company in the next ten years.

Messer Kunshan will not only have the largest CNC cutting machine production capacity, but also have the world-class facility of CNC cutting machine R/D, testing, machining and service.