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Industry Leading Speeds for Increased Production

The new MeXcel features state-of-the-art industry leading traversing speeds of 3000 IPM, robust design, high acceleration drives, along with multi-tool capability including plasma beveling, combination plasma and fiber laser cutting coupled with OmniWin software.

The MeXcel can be two machines in one. The plasma / fiber laser combination cutting on the same piece part will increase productivity by allowing critical internal features to be cut with the fiber laser and external features to be cut with the plasma torch all without moving the part to another piece of equipment.

The MeXcel not only features state-of-the-art industry leading speed, it also has multiple customized features allowing maximum performance and versatility. Precision plasma and fiber laser option in conjunction with linear axes drives creates the finest cut part edge quality.

Key Features:

  • Cutting widths 6’, 8’ and 10’; Cutting lengths from 10’ to 50’
  • Cut material from 26 ga. to 3” thick plate
  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Machine motion accuracy to +/- .002” in a 80” area verified with a laser interferometer
  • Positioning speeds up to 3000 ipm with acceleration up to 193/sec2at .5g
  • Global Control Plus, Windows® based with easy to use operator interface
  • Multiple reference point positions for efficient start-of-cut locations
  • SureStop collision sensor with easy and accurate reset
  • Advanced plasma technology provides consistent piercing and faster cutting
  • High-speed CLS-lifter (1180 ipm) with arc voltage height control and infinite adjustable programmable retract (only offered by Messer)
  • Fast installation and relocation due to modular design