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EasyLifter 170

Smooth positioning of oxyfuel torches

The EasyLifter 170 provides motorized vertical positioning of an oxyfuel torch at 50 mm per second (3 m/min) with 170 mm of stroke. Smooth positioning of oxyfuel torches including Messer's TurboFlame® cutting torch.

Accurate oxyfuel torch positioning is guaranteed by smooth ballscrew drives. It utilizes the Safe Raise Height feature in the Global Control S to increase productivity by allowing machine motion while the torch is fully retracting. The lifter reacts quickly to automatic height sensing signals from the optional Sensomat PAN height sensing devices or from manual up and down commands initiated by the operator.

Key Features:

  • Precision ball screw provides smooth positioning of the cutting or marking tool
  • 50 mm/s (3 m/min) vertical speed with Safe Raise height minimizes non-productive time
  • Manual positioning of the lifter through the Global Control S operator panel
  • Provides 170 mm range of travel
  • Manual adjustment also available in torch holder