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DVS Training courses

at Messer Cutting Systems

Invest in the know-how and competence of your employees. Increasing the quality and productivity of the company is thus the focus of our activities as a certified DVS training centre.

We train and test technical and management staff according to the DVS guidelines for thermal cutting and related processes. Training and testing is carried out by us in the areas legally regulated by the IHK (International Chamber of Commerce) or the DVS (German Welding Association). In addition we carry out certification systems for staff and companies in compliance with European and International standards.

We impart technical skills and knowledge in the areas of flame scarfing, flame cutting and soldering – often practically relevant and directly on the machine or equipment.

DVS Training courses - Flame straightening – craftsman - mild steel

2 Days + 1 Day examination
2 Days + 1 Day examination

DVS Training courses – Flame scarfing

2 Days + 1 Day examination
2 Days incl. examination

DVS Training courses - Soldering

DVS Training courses - Oxyfuel Cutting

You are also welcome to contact us directly or simply fill out our enquiry form. Our staff will then make contact to you as soon as possible.

For further information our DVS brochure is also available as a Download.

A confirmation of participation will be provided. After successful theoretical and practical testing the participants will receive a DVS testimonial and a certificate. THe certificate has a validity of three years. By paticipating in a DVS approved further training activity/experience exchange the certificate will be extended by three years.

The date for the expereince exchange for the receipt of a certificate can be given on request.

Flammrichtfachkraft – Baustähle – Modul 1 (Richtlinie 1145)
Flammrichtfachkraft CRNI-Stähle und Feinkornbaustähle – Modul 2 (Richtlinie 1145)
Flammrichtfachkraft – Aluminium – Modul 3 (Richtlinie 1145)
Flammstrahlfachkraft (Richtlinie 1147)
Flammstrahlfachmann (Richtlinie 1150)
Löten Metallischer Werkstoffe – Löten von Kupferwerkstoffen – Modul 1 (Richtlinie 1183)
Löten Metallischer Werkstoffe – Löten von verzinkten Stahlwerkstoffen – Modul 2 (Richtlinie 1183)
Fachkraft für manuelles thermisches Schneiden – autogenes Brennschneiden für Bleche und Profile aus Stahl – Modul 1 (Richtlinie 1185)
Fachkraft für manuelles thermisches Schneiden – Plasmaschneiden für Bleche und Profile aus Stahl – Modul 2 (Richtlinie 1185)
Fachkraft für CNC-Schneiden – autogenes Brennschneiden/Plasmaschneiden – Modul 3 (Richtlinie 1185)
Schneidfachmann CNC Autogen und Plasma – Vollmechanisiertes Schneiden – Modul 4 (Richtlinie 1185)