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Solid design, high quality at a value for money price

  • Plasma and Oxyfuel CNC Cutting

The most economical access to the quality and support of the Messer World: This is the ProBlade, the first Messer’s global machine.

With a small size, this CNC cutting machine has a stabile track construction and an ergonomic design, tough enough for a hard day’s work. 

ProBlade allows the combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting processes, to cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks. The installation of this machine is fast and easy, which saves costs and gets you into production.

Summarizing: with the ProBlade you have value for money, uncompromising performance and, of course, the Messer quality at a reasonable price.

Standard features

  • 18 m/min speed: less positioning time, so more output
  • Short lifts between cuts: higher productivity
  • Stabile track construction, which maintains accuracy and is not easily misaligned
  • Direct drive for reduced backlash and better power transmission
  • ProBlade Includes an offline programming package: no hidden extras; efficient nesting without stopping production
  • Up to 3 m (10’) plate width: allows cutting of large parts and efficient nesting of smaller ones to reduce scrap
  • Global ControlS is a user-friendly, color touch screen control, 15”
  • Twin-side longitudinal rack and pinion drive for accurate, reliable performance
  • Can cut up to 150 mm (6”) with one torch and 75 mm (3”) with all four: able to handle the heavy jobs

Optional features

  • Can take up to four torches (maximum three oxyfuel and one plasma) for higher productivity
  • ALFA Torch and Omniflow gas control system
  • Pneumatic Punch Marker
  • Laser Pointer