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Our History

Expansion and on-going success

  • History of Messer Cutting Systems

Messer Cutting Systems India is writing an on-going success story since many decades.

Until 1997
Messer was represented in India via agents with various sales and distribution channels. Until then all the machines had been supplied from our facility in Germany.

Due to an increasing demand in India our facility in China did supply additional products into this market.

Activities were increased by setting up an own Messer Cutting Systems sales and service support in India. All activities were managed from China and the Singapore office.

After the merger of Messer Cutting & Welding and Eutectic Castolin the Messer cutting activities were merged into EWAC, a 50/50 JVC between MEC and Larson & Turbro. The office moved from Pune to the headquarters of EWAC Alloys in Mumbai. The cutting organization within EWAC formed a specialized team of sales and service engineers, selling, installing and servicing our machines.

Formation of a fully dedicated and Messer owned manufacturing company - Messer Cutting Systems India - with its own site in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
The introduction of the completely locally manufactured cnc cutting machine Multitherm eco with totally new features for the Indian market, such as automatic gas control, Alfa gas cutting torches and the state of the art Global Control.

Building of the first factory block with 9,077 square feet for assembly, later converted into a fabrication shop

Building of the second block with additional 12,988 square feet, added in February used as new assembly area for machines and store.
Introduction of the locally produced FiberBlade Laser cutting machine as well as the Omnimat L heavy duty cutting machine into the Indian market.
EWAC with its Messer Cutting dedicated sales and service organization becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T India

Building of the third block to increase the space for manufacturing machinery

Inauguration of new company owned production site. Messer India moved into its new state of the art facility of more than 100,000 square feet built area on a sprawling 240,000 square feet ground.