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Laser Cutting Machine & Services

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  • Laser Cutting Machine

CNC (Computer Numerical Controller)is computer-controlled cutting machine mostly referred to hand-held machine used for cutting the metals. Laser cutting machine uses high powered lasers to cut through ferrous metals and some non-ferrous metals like aluminium & brass. The laser beam is produced in a closed glass resonator using a mix of helium-co2-co-n2 as exciting medium. The laser beam is instructed by bend mirrors placed along the bellow path. High pressure assist gas is used to blow away the material cut.

Laser cutting services are utilized for many purposes. One way they are used for cutting metal plates.On mild steel, stainless steel& aluminium plate, the laser cutting process is highly accurate; yields excellent cut quality.It has a very small kerf width, small heat affect zone, and makes it possible to; cut very intricate shapes & small holes.Our customized CNC Laser Machine Cutting Service which fit to your requirements has capacity of cutting up to 20 mm in MS, 12 mm in SS in thickness.

In commonly, three types of laser cutting machine configurations moving material, hybrid and flying optics systems. These indicate to the way that the laser beam is travelled over the material to be cut or processed.