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Progres+ Cutting Tables

Efficient, Effective, Robust Design for every Thermal cutting process

  • Progres Cutting Table

Progres cutting tables create the prerequisites for ideal production conditions in the plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting processes.


-  Our environmental technology systems sustain the

    health of people in the workplace, make their work

    easier and conserve our environment.


-  Modular construction of table simplifies transport and

   Installation. This also allows possibility of

   extending the cutting table later without difficulty.


-  Sectional exhaust ventilation ensures the

   concentration of the entire ventilation process upon

   the cutting table and thus uses minimal fan power to

   achieve complete ventilation of cutting dust and

   smoke, even when the cutting table is not completely

   occupied. It has minimal pressure loss.


-  Integrated pneumatic control for the flaps ensures the

   extraction sections to match torch position. The valve

   actuation is either mechanical or through PLC

   depending on customer needs. The pressure loss is

   minimum thanks to the tight fit of the flaps.


-  The deep trays can hold relatively large amount of slag

   and can be easily removed from the table with the help

   of a crane.


-  Designed for high load capacity as standard design.

   They can also be custom designed for large loads,

   special cutting grids to suit the processes.