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Fiberblade® IV - Fiber Laser Cutting

State of art, efficient, reliable laser cutting

  • Fiber Laser cutting Machine

Messer developed FiberBlade IV is the fourth generation of fiber laser cutting machine, equipped with an automatic pallet, up to 1G acceleration and 140000mm / min speed linkage enables efficient cutting and fine arts to become a reality. The Machine idea of the FiberBlade depends on the attempted and tried level bed fiber laser cutting machine with a removable palette table and a 2 hub cutting gantry. The fiber link of the laser resonator is just conveyed in the drag chain. The beds are traded completely consequently in a bus table

Unlike traditional laser cutting laser beam specular transmission systems, using the latest fiber optic transmission technology, the entire transfer process is almost no energy loss.

Our organization had directed by the youthful, talented, experienced and energetic associates the people who have continually offered change to give the best gathering of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine or Fiber Laser Machine in Laser Cutting Products and CNC motorization courses of action in the business.

Key Features:

  • Higher cutting Speed
  • Low operating costs
  • Laser transmission convenient, high photoelectric conversion efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High reliability, and low failure rate
  • Standard pallet
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0.03mm / m
  • Uniaxial speed: 100m / min
  • Acceleration: 1G