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Fiberblade V

FiberBlade V is a new fifth-generation high-speed fiber laser cutting machine.  Messer's proprietary high-speed cutting technology ensures the machine processing efficiency to reach the industry's excellent level. The machine is equipped with a simple and easy-to-operate human-machine interface.


Key Features:

  • New generation Global Control CNC system.
  • Messer's proprietary technology, based on the high-speed cutting function developed by the high dynamic platform, greatly increases production.
  • Standard automatic edge detection, auto focus and automatic cutting gas pressure adjustment.
  • Standard Joblist, Datalog function for automated cutting and automated report generation.
  • Proven and well validated standard parameter database based on domestic plate data.
  • High-quality sharp-angle cutting technology that has been tested and proven.
  • Remote service, online diagnosis and troubleshooting after the device is connected, effectively reduces downtime and saves post warranty service expenses significantly.
  • Positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm/m
  • X-Y simultaneous speed : 169m/min
  • Acceleration: up to 1G