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Messer Plamill

the flagship plate processing centre

  • plamill oxyfuel and plasma cutting machine

Plamill is a unique combination of Plasma cutting, Milling, Drilling, Tapping & marking system. With rapidly increasing demand for components with multiple operations on medium thickness plates with speed, accuracy & reliability, Messer has come up with a unique state of art solution for its customers - "Messer Plamill with straight and bevel cutting”.

With a positioning speed of 36 meters per minute, multiple operations upto 50 mm thick plate becomes accurate & quick. High precision machine construction with dual beam provides a sturdy & long-lasting performance over the years.The prowess of this machine is the automatic tool change process, which can change upto 8 tools.This takes Plamill into higher levels of productivity by avoiding human intervention.

By using helical milling & slot milling operations, bigger holes & slots can be made. The coolant is optimally spread for this operation to enhance tool performance. The unique marking system helps the user to mark the components with order numbers, part numbers, client name & component name for easy and unique identification.

Messer CNC is a well known name in plasma cutting and edge preparation. When you want to detach the part from the plate, and make post cut edge preparation like V ,Y , X & I cuts, the front beam of this machine comes into action. It has a sophisticated and Robust plasma torch station which can be coupled with varieties of plasma sources depending on thickness and type of material to be cut.When you have components which involves plasma cutting, plasma bevelling, counter sunk boring, drilling, Tapping, Marking, Thread milling, Slot milling, trust “Messer Plamill”.

For reliable production of high quality components, trust Messer cutting systems. Messer Cutting machines. No compromises.


  • Plamill GV is a unique plate processing machine for combined operation of

    • Straight / Bevel Plasma cutting
    • Milling
    • Drilling
    • Tapping
    • Marking system.

  • Robust dual Gantry structure.
  • Compact design reduces space requirements.
  • High positioning speed of 50m/min in Y axis and 36 m/min in X axis.
  • High reliable Rexroth Bosch controller.
  • High performance spindle motor.

    • Rated torque 90Nm at 3000rpm/ Max 6000rpm.
    • Rated Power 29.2kW.

  • Spindle size: BT40.
  • Maximum drill Ø40mm.
  • Maximum Tap M24.
  • Maximum Helical drill Ø250.
  • 8 tools Automatic tool changer.
  • Specially designed copper pin grating table for effective plasma cutting and drilling.
  • Specialized rails with helical rack and gear for extremely smooth movement.