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OmniLift 200s Plasma Lifter

Smooth drive motion, precise height control

Smooth drive motion and precise height control of the OL200s produces high quality parts. Proper torch standoff distance will improve cut angularity and help keep dross from forming on the bottom of the cut parts. More accurate parts are the end result of maintaining the proper “focal point” of the plasma arc above the plate surface.

The OL200s features contact-sense initial height sensing to properly set the pierce height. A small limit switch provides a secondary method of detecting the plate in the case of heavily primed plate or underwater cutting requirements. A magnetic collision sensor is also included to protect the torch from damage during normal cutting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Increases part accuracy due to precise height sensing
  • Precision ball screw and dual linear guides provide a smooth and rigid platform for vertical positioning of the cutting or marking tool
  • 300" per minute vertical speed minimizes non-productive time
  • Sealed bearings are virtually maintenance-free
  • Magnetic collision sensor protects the torch while cutting from damage due to obstructions models