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SmartBlade - Plasma Cutting

Compact, Swift And Precise

  • SmartBlade for Plasma Cutting


  • Suitable for duct manufacturing in HVAC industries.
  • Messer German quality at a competitive Indian price means value for money.
  • Compact design reduces space requirements.
  • Positioning speed of 12m/min reduce idle time between cuts.
  • For air plasma only.
  • Global control the most user friendly touch screen control on the market means.
  • Easy access to the cutting bed from all sides permits quick and efficient unloading, reloading and reducing idle time between plates.
  • Integrated fume extraction table which can be connected to dust, fumes collector.
  • Specially designed slag trays for easy table cleaning and efficient extraction.
  • Easy operation from loading program to cutting in only three steps.

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