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5-Axis Compact Plasma Bevel Unit

Messer Cutting Systems Bevel-R™ can accurately cut bevel profiles (non-vertical) on almost any contour. Designed rigid compact to integrate on to our unitized machines. With +/-45° with unlimited winding allows for contour beveling for V, Y, K, X bevels.

When programmed to cut at bevel angle, the angle offset, compensation and feed rate are controlled by the same NC part programs, while other parameters are input by a database. The system is used to create contour bevels of V, X, Y, K and I for weld-preparation surfaces or for active cutting edges like on earth engagement tools. Bevel and land edge configurations can be created via multiple passes.

Key Features:

  • Available on the MetalMaster Evolution and the MetalMaster Xcel cutting machines.
  • AC drives for high performance.
  • The SureStop Collision Senor for quick, simple torch realignment for plasma cutting.
  • Quick torch focal point adjusts for easy consumable changeover.
  • Automatic torch height is controlled by an analog arc voltage with an accuracy of + / - .006 inches so part accuracy is maintained during bevel cutting.
  • Maximum bevel angle +45° to -45°.
  • Response time from 0 to 45° is less than two seconds.
  • Initial height sensing from torch tip contact eliminates offsets and reduces cycle time.
  •  Vertical travel of 10.24" provides cutting for a wide range of part types.