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Electric Drill Unit

Drilling with high accuracy

Add an optional electric drill unit to expand your scope of services which your shop can offer.

An optional drill feature can be combined with a normal plasma and oxyfuel cutting, allowing for form work to be done on the piece part in a single handling. All processes are don in the same set-up, providing accurate, feature-to-feature relationships, both within a single piece and from part to part.

Key Features:

  • Mist lubrication unit is mounted to the drill station for reliable and easy drilling.
  • A portion of the four inch drill stroke can be feed-rate controlled to provide reliable drilling while minimizing tool breakage.
  • Drill “start” and “stop” commands are initiated automatically by the part program to free operator for other tasks.
  • Drills up to 3/8" diameter on the MetalMetalMaster Evolution and MetalMaster Xcel.