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Heavy Duty Drill

For highest demands

Our Drilling Unit is important for you in those cases where high accuracy of the holes is required (e.g. as preparation for thread cutting), the hole diameter has to be less than the material thickness or the number of thermal hole piercings has to be reduced, the machines can also be equipped with a drilling head.

All processes are done in the same set-up, providing accurate, feature-to-feature relationships, both within a single piece and from part to part.

Key Features:

  • Drills up to 2" diameter with 36 HP
  • Mist coolant through the tool is provided for reliable and easy use (flood coolant also available)
  • The 4” drill stroke is feed-rate controlled to provide reliable use while minimizing tool breakage
  • CAT 40 taper spindle
  • Optional automatic tool exchange
  • Optional 12 Tool Storage