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SL-200, SL-300 Oxyfuel SmartLifters





The SL200, SL300 OXY-FUEL SMARTLIFTERS include several productivity enhancing features to produce more parts in a shorter period of time. An adaptive initial height sense system “learns” the height of the plate on the cutting table to quickly position the torch to the correct pierce height. Several process optimizing parameters then keep the torch close to the plate between pierces. Customers with our oxyfuel torches and markers benefit from this proven technology.


  • Torch lifters utilizing Messer Optimized System Technology can reduce cycle times by as much as 30% over previous designs.
  • Optimal positioning of the oxy-fuel torch produces quality parts that require little to no secondary operations.
  • Time is greatly reduced due to an Adaptive IHS system that “learns” the height of the plate on the cutting table.
  • Includes Messers arc voltage sampling system to compensate for plasma electrode wear while producing accurate, repeatable parts
  • Process Optimization feature minimizes up/down time of the torch(es) between pierces.
  • Automatic Consumable Wear Detection reduces operating costs while freeing the operator to perform other duties.
  • Rapid positioning to the optimal pierce height means less preheat time for oxyfuel torches.
  • EtherCAT communication system with intelligent inputs/outputs provides increased diagnostic capability with a single cable thus reducing RF noise issues.
  • The SmartLifter is available in nominal strokes of 3.75", 7.75", 12.75" versions for oxyfuel, and marker applications.