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FT100 Torch Ignitor

Automatic Oxyfuel Torch Ignitor

Messer Cutting Systems FT100 Torch Ignitor remotely ignites any brand of oxyfuel torch. Since no arc is struck, critical alignment is not needed allowing for easy and fast tip change out.

When the FT100 Torch Ignitor is energized, the fuel gas solenoid opens, allowing gas to flow and to be lit with a high voltage arc (approximately 6500 volts) at the nozzle. To assure ignition of the FT100's flame, sparking will continue in four second duration. The flame is aimed along a 45o angle at the torch tip. The ignition flame then lights the low preheat fuel gas and oxygen stream exiting from the machine torch's tip.

Key Features:

  • Provides dependable torch ignition under most conditions including wind.
  • Self-contained lighting system reliably starts ignitor, even with low pressure natural gas.
  • Each torch station has a high voltage transformer and preheat fuel gas solenoid for maximum reliability.
  • Individual programmable station selection in the CNC mode automates cutting process for high productivity.
  • Available on the Platemaster II, Titan III, MPC2000, and TMC4500 DB machine models.