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Manual Plasma Stripping Bevel Unit

For The X-Axis

The Manual Plasma Beveler provides an adapter mounting between the SureStop breakaway and the lifter to allow straight-line motion bevel cut in the X-Axis.


  • Provides manually adjusted straight line bevel cuts in the X-Axis to +/-45o.
  • Bevel unit must be adjusted to proper angle manually and resultant cut angle checked for correctness.
  • Torch must be positioned manually with auto height "off" to achieve correct pierce height.
  • When the arc has been established and machine motion in the longitudinal axis has begun, auto height sensing can be activated.
  • Initially, test cuts may be needed to established set point on the adjustable stop-blocks to achieve the correct cut angle.
  • Four removable sets of adjustable stop-blocks are included to reduce setup time between jobs.
  • A scrap piece of material can be placed in front of the plate for piercing purposes, before proceeding into the plate that is to be cut.
  • Bevel consumables may be required to achieve torch tip clearance depending upon the desired cut. Beveling consumables availability is dependent upon the plasma system implemented.
  • Cut quality may be affected by bevel unit.
  • Glare curtain or glare shield is not available with this option
  • Available with the CSL-Series Lifter on the for the EdgeMax.
  • Available with the PL-1 Lifter on the MPC2000, PlateMaster II, MetalMaster Evolution, Titan III, and TMC4500 DB.