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Omniflow Automatic Gas Control System

Messer Cutting Systems Omniflow Automatic Gas Control System provides automatic setting and regulation of preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen and fuel gas pressure during oxyfuel cutting. Precise, automatic control of the piercing process is possible for mild steel, up to 5" thick.  The OmniFlow system is designed for use with Messer TurboFlameTM and ALFA oxyfuel torches. The OmniFlow system is integrated into the Global ControlPlus  eliminating an extra control.

Each OmniFlow controller delivers enough gas flow to cut up to 16 torch-inches. Therefore, two OmniFlow controllers provide enough flow for nearly all oxyfuel applications by providing up to 32 torch inches of cut. (torch-inches=number of torches x plate thickness). Inlet pressure to the OmniFlow must be 25 psi fo accurate resolution.

Key Features:

  • Enhances operator productivity and eliminates set-up guesswork. Even novice operators can achieve good Oxyfuel cutting.
  • Optimizes preheat and pierce routines to reduce cycle time and improve cut quality and consistency.
  • Increase tip life as the slag stream is directed away from the tip.
  • Pressure sensors on input and output lines provide more effective gas control.
  • Operator can edit cutting parameters for fine-tuning of process.
  • Built-in diagnostics monitor the cutting process and assist with troubleshooting.
  • Available with all Messer oxyfuel torches including the ALFA and TurboFlameTM.