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TMC4500 DB

Is the dependable workhorse with superior performance

The TMC4500 DB workhorse and indusry leader when it comes to excellence in thermal cutting.

The TMC4500 DB is a heavy-duty dual box-beam constructed gantry cutting machine, built to perform in your rigorous production environments. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design methods assure that your TMC is up to the task of cutting with multiple plasma and oxy-fuel torches. With many options available, your TMC is customized to fit your cutting needs to improve your shop’s productivity. Torch options include vertical torches, Single and Triple Torch Oxy-fuel Bevel Units, and plasma beveling units with the unique compound Skew Rotator. The TMC4500 DB utilizes precision plasma, oxy-fuel, and drilling up to 4” diameter holes plus a wide variety of marking techniques. Add an additional Pipe and Tube cutting package for round pipe beveling. This durable performer has proven its dependability in the demanding surroundings of shipyards, service centers, contract shops, and OEM manufacturers.


  • Cutting widths from 12' (3.657m) to 28' (5.534m).
  • Cutting lengths up to 200' (60.96m).
  • Positioning speeds up to 1,400 ipm.
  • Drilling up to 4" (101.6mm) diameter and tapping up to 1 1/2" (38.1mm) diameter.
  • Heavy duty, machined 115 lb./yd.crane rail for X-Axis motion.
  • Welded steel end trucks with precision machined mating surfaces and with tolerances of .002" (.0508mm) maintained.
  • Massive dual gantry process beams provide superior bending, and torsional strength for any tool combination selected.
  • Precision Linear Y-Axis way system with wide spacing to provide rigid support of any process too.
  • Global ControlPlus, Windows® based with easy-to use operator interface.
  • Control Slide mount with optional glare curtain.
  • Virtual ServiceTM remote consultation and diagnostics.
  • Machine motion accuracy ± 0.015" in 72" travel with .010" repeatability measured with a laser interferometer.
  • Machine service power track in both X and Y axis.
  • High-speed Messer Cutting Systems programmable lifters (880 ipm plasma, 150 ipm oxy-fuel).
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA to machine tool and ISO 230-2 standards.
  • UL available.
  • See Technical Data for additional options.