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Inkjet Marking

Printing lines, contours and alpha-numeric characters

The Inkjet Marker is available in three models:

  1. Single jet (single dot) for line, contour and character marking
  2. Multi-jet fixed (7 dots) primarily for labeling letters and characters in one direction; can also mark lines and contours
  3. Multi-jet with rotation (7 dot), primarily for labeling letters and characters in different directions; can also mark lines and contours

It provides fast and quiet alphanumeric labeling with printing in one direction of travel for non-rotational unit or multi-directional with rotating unit. In addition, it marks both line and contour marking for showing bend lines and feature locations. The enhanced version adds a rotation axis to allow text and lines to be oriented at any angle on the surface being marked.

The Ink Jet Marker uses a 7 dot head to provide highly legible characters up to 25mm tall at speeds up to 17 characters per second. The print head receives a text string from the part program and executes the printing commands in a single motion.

The plates are marked fast and silently, with no negative influences on the surface. With the single jet system the marking speed for lines is 3-35 m/ min. Multi-jet systems mark characters with 3-26 m/min.

Key Features:

  • Fast, quiet marking with no damage to the plate surface
  • Maximum Marking Speed: Lines: 3-35 m/min, Text: 3-26 m/min with 7x5 dot matrix
  • Robust: designed for use in the metalworking industry
  • Max. Marking Speed Single jet Lines: 3 - 26 m/min*
  • Max. Marking Speed Multi-jet Characters: 3 - 26 m/min* with 7 x 5 dot matrix and 27 mm high
  • Dye based ink MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
  • Will not wipe off with water
  • Black ink only
  • Dries in 3-5 seconds
  • Character height available at 9, 12, 18, 24 or 27 mm with multi-jet models

* depending upon guiding machine